Book Review – Starting Out In The Evening by Brian Morton

<a href="http:////“>Starting Out In The Evening is a beautifully written tale of an elderly author named Leonard Schiller, one of the last surviving members of the Upper-Class Jewish society, trying to complete his latest novel before it’s too late.  Leonard has devoted his life fully to the task of writing that he is wholly unprepared for the graduate student who comes into his life, Heather Wolfe. 

Brian Morton weaves an intricate story of mentorship, friendship, family, and love that keeps you wanting more. The characters are believable and they are people you find yourself cheering on, in spite of yourself.  Brian Morton is one of the best contemporary writers that I have read in a while. 

What I liked about this novel was that it was easy to read and follow. What I mean is that there was not too many POV changes or unnecessary voice changes to get in the way of the plot.  Another thing that I liked about this novel was the theme of it’s never too late to teach something to someone. No matter how old we are or how out-of-date we think we are in our professions or personal lives, there is always something we can teach someone regardless of age.  The relationship between Leonard and Heather is one of mutual respect despite Leonard being 50 years her senior. 

One thing that I disliked about this novel was the ending, which I won’t spoil here. I felt it happened too suddenly and that there was more to be discovered in the characters’ lives. The ending did not spoil the whole book for me though, and I hope this review will not spoil it for you either. I only hope to inform. 

Starting Out In The Evening is a book that I would recommend to avid readers of contemporary fiction as well as those looking for an easy, quick read. It is definitely a book I will read again


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