A small log cabin stood in the centre of a clearing, surrounded on three sides by a wall of trees. A stone chimney poked out from the slanted roof blowing smoke from an unseen fire in the hearth; the scent of smoked ham wafted through the air as the hickory wood burned. A small worn…


When travelling to Timbuktu, Watch out for the power of voodoo; With a wave of a hand, and a wordy command; You might end up in Peru


There’s a lot of rain, In the country of Spain; Or is it written, about the country of Britain? Ugh, now I have a migraine.


There once was a lady from France, Who wanted to tap dance; But whenever she tried, She would commit homicide, That lady of très élégance!

Limerick #4

There was an old woman from Berlin, Who had a mighty big chin; Whenever she lied, It grew more undignified; It kept growing much to her chagrin.

The fellow from Andorra

There was a young fellow from Andorra, Who had an interest in flora; Sunflowers and sweet alyssum, Everyone wanted to kiss ‘im; The man wearing a fedora.


Je suis tired, Je ne sens inspired; Je parle le franglish, un mélange de français et d’English; I am fatigué, I do not feel inspiré; I speak franglais, a mixture of french and anglais

Limerick #3

There was an old man from Toronto, Who ran away molto pronto, He didn’t get far, Without his car, Now he’s living in Deseronto

Limerick poem

There once was a woman with a dog, Who lived much too close to a bog, One day she tripped, Really she slipped, She should have stayed in Prague!

Caption this!

I thought I would try something a little different for this post. This picture is hanging in the living-room in my grandparents’ house and every time I look at it, I get a little snippet of stories or characters that may play out in this scene. It’s quite fascinating. What I am hoping is that…